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Pricing Page

Learning about how our kittens are priced and what you need to know.

New Kitten Buyers Guide

What to buy your new kitten before bringing them home!

What Our Kittens Come with:

-TICA registration Paperwork (blue slip)

-Health records (Proof of vaccinations & Vet Exam)

- Sample of Food (Soft & Kibble)

- Kitten Contract & Health Guarantee

-A blanket that smells like mom & littermates


What to Bring When Picking Up Your New Kitten:

-Cat Carrier with blanket or bed

*Please note that we do not have good cell phone reception, and sometimes bad internet connection at our house.


Our kittens do not often make it to this page as they are normally pre-reserved when offered to our e-mail notification list. Please email us your application and email address if you would like to be added to this list. At this time the list is long, but many people may of already found a kitten elsewhere & forgotten to let us know, or the timing may not be right for them. For these reasons, we are still accepting emails.


A. Shumate (Tortie Female)
N. Kula (Blue Female)
D.+ T. Fequet (Blue Male blue eyes)
J. Lam (Male Lilac or Fawn)
A. Gobeil (2 Kittens M+F or F+F Blue & Lilac or Fawn)
S. Lerner (Lilac Male)

Kitten Adoption Application Form!

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