I have been infatuated with pedigreed cats since I was about 12 years old. I started reading and becoming obsessed with cat fanciers magazines. As a family we bred bengal cats for 7 years, and I bred them on my own for 3 additional years. Sadly, there is now just too many breeders of the Bengal breed, so I am unable to continue breeding them at this time.

I have fallen in love with the British Shorthair and the Scottish Fold cat breeds. They are loving, calm, just friendly enough but not too friendly, plush, beautiful, and the list goes on! If you have never petted a British Shorthair, their coat feels JUST like a chinchilla's. 

Our goals are to produce healthy, vibrant, British Shorthairs & Scottish Folds & Straights in gorgeous colours, soft coats, excellent temperaments, with small rounded ears/triple folded ears, round eyes, and beautiful teddy bear faces with chubby cheeks. Currently we are focusing on the solid colours such as black, blue, cinnamon, lilac and chocolate.

My love for these breeds started in 2018. I came across the breeds in Instagram and those plush teddy bear faces of the British Shorthairs, and the "Owl"-like appearance of the Scottish Folds won me over instantly.


Our kittens will come to you having been given the best of care and love and be a wonderful addition to your family.



About The Scottish Fold:

Scottish Folds & Straights are much like the British Shorthair. British Shorthairs are an allowable breed to cross with the Scottish Fold to add type & health to the Scottish breed. We breed our Scottish Fold females to our British Shorthair males. We love when the Scottish folds have the plush, super soft British Shorthair coats, and the puffy British Cheeks. Scottish Folds & Straights are a very low maintenance cat, not at all demanding, but yet very affectionate, and love to be around their "people". Like the British Shorthair, Foldies do not love to bed held, although often tolerating it for their humans as they are very sweet in nature. They get along well with other cats & dogs. They tend to have smaller, less robust bodies then the british shorthairs and slightly less soft coats. They do shed a couple times per year but it is nothing a trip to the groomers, or a furminator brush cannot control! Scottish folds are know to be owl-like cats with huge eyes, a short nose, and a round face. Who can resist that?! All in all, they are a low maintenance, beautiful, and healthy breed of cat, and wonderful addition to most families! 

About The British Shorthair:

Many similarities to the Scottish Folds & Straights, British Shorthairs are also an absolutely wonderful breed of cat. They have been around much longer then the Scottish breeds. British shorthairs are not demanding or overly affectionate, but they love to be with their people, and love to curl up next to you on the couch. British Shorthairs have strong, chunky and robust bodies, and big heads with chunky cheeks. Their coats are so soft and plush often being compared to chinchillas. They are known as the teddy bear breed of cats as they have that round face, huge eyes and short nose; just like a teddy bear! They are also a very healthy and low maintenance breed, and have the same amount of shedding as the Scottish Shorthairs. If your lifestyle asks for a low maintenance, friendly but not demanding, and healthy breed of cat, the British Shorthair might be just the breed for you! 

The biggest down fall of these breeds, as are most pedigreed cats, and somethings to be aware of, are they are very prone to gum disease and sometimes need to have their teeth removed if they have a severe case of it. To prevent gum disease, veterinarians recommend brushing their teeth daily, and adding a dental water additive to their water. Additionally, our personal vet recommends to mix a dental diet, or oral care kibble to their regular kibble. Prevention is key! This is what we do. Another common disease in these breeds are polycystic kidney disease, otherwise known as PKD. We are in the process of testing all of our cats for PKD, and some have already tested negative for it.