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We have some very exciting news coming into 2021. We have decided to have a relatively rare breed of cat called MINSKINS join our family and breeding program. Due to the flexibility of the  breed we will also occasionally have  "teddy rex's", and Devon Rex cats born! We are so far the only breeder in Canada of minskins. They have short legs and they are stalky and small. They range in size from 4-6 lbs. Ours will be bred with "Devon Rex Coats" meaning they shed minimally and are more allergy friendly then other breeds of cats. Like the Devon Rex, they are extremely affectionate and loving.  The devon rex, sphynx, burmese, and munchkin are the original breeds used to create minskins. Stay tuned as we add photos and information to our website!

"Here at Exotic Mirage Cattery, we strive to produce healthy, stunning, well socialized cats an array of colours!"

We are a small, ethical, in home breeding program dedicated to breeding healthy, well socialized and stunning Cats from some of the world's best pedigrees. We have 12 years experience breeding cats.  Most of our cats are imported from Europe. We live near Edmonton Alberta Canada.

We are always adding new photos and information to our website. We are available to answer any questions via e-mail and would love to hear from you if you are a cat lover or interested in becoming a parent to one of our beautiful kittens.


Feel free to check our social media for real time photos and videos of our cats and kittens on  instagram @exoticmiragecattery

We will gladly video chat with you so that you can see your kitten, and put your mind at ease. We do live on an acreage out of town and the internet connection AND cell reception can be spotty at best. 
**Disclaimer; we do NOT hold kittens for any reasons for anyone without a deposit. Without a deposit paid, if someone is approved and wants to reserve the kitten, they will then get that kitten. If you are waiting for a video chat, we cannot hold kittens if a good home comes along. 

***Please visit our available page, and from there, click the "pricing page" link to see our pricing. Thanks!

Check out some past kittens and fun photos!




What some past buyers have to say about our kittens.

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